DeKalb County

DeKalb County provides the friendliness, tranquility, and convenience of a “small town” with the amenities of a large city. The County has experienced slow but steady growth over the last 50 years, which makes it an ideal destination to expand, build, and relocate.

Chambers of Commerce

Auburn Chamber:  
Garrett Chamber:
Waterloo Chamber:

General Information

DeKalb County Visitor Bureau:


Auburn Library:              
Butler Library:                
Garrett Public Library:   
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Community Organizations

DeKalb Chamber Partnership:                     
DeKalb Economical Development Partnership:
DeKalb County United Way:                        


DeKalb Central Community School:
DeKalb Eastern                         
Garrett-Keyser-Butler Schools: 
Hamilton Community School:    
Lakewood Park Christian School:
St Joseph Catholic School:       


DeKalb Heatlh:    

Resources for Seniors

Heimach Center:

City and Town Websites

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Town of Ashley: 
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Town of Hamilton:
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Town of Spencerville:
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